Many say, “Good things come in pairs.”
Yin and Yang.
One for the money. Two for the show.
One, two, buckle my shoe.
Good and evil.
Positive and negative.
When the sun dims, your second self shall disappear.
Consequences not of my making were nipping at my heels. Tick Tock

Her husband wants her locked away in a psychiatric facility. His business partner wants her dead.

     Trust. Who do we place our trust in every day? Family members, friends and people who we turn to for help, doctors. But what if the doctor you placed your trust in had secrets? Dark secrets. So many secrets, that when tragedy strikes it causes you to question everything you had taken at face value and now all trust is broken.

     Isabella Armond is an ordinary woman with a comfortable life — until a shocking discovery shatters her perfect world. As her husband’s behavior becomes increasingly unstable, Isabella slowly realizes all the signs point to the fact he is not who he appears to be. Is he a respected Cardiothoracic surgeon helping people? Or is he leading a double life which involves the trafficking of black market organs? Greed, blood money, and psychopath are the terms she learns are associated with a man she thought she knew. 

     Forced to delve deeper into her husband's secret life, she makes discoveries that will make her question everything she knows forcing her to face an impossible decision. She is desperate to uncover the truth, but once you know something, it can’t be unknown. The more she learns, the more she wishes she knew nothing at all.

     If you want a thriller of epic psychological proportions that will test the limits of your mind this book is for you. Explore the dark side with TWO Mind Games and Murder.