A stolen life.  A Faustian bargain.  Prey becomes predator.

      Azar Abed and Adrian Armond are two of the most lethal people alive. Each fuel with hate, each determined to kill the other. The hunt is on.

      Having been charged with the attempted murder of his wife, Adrian remained imprisoned in a Paris jail for over a year. When brought to trial the prosecution failed to meet its burden of proof, and he is set free. Set free to hunt for the woman who stole his fortune and his life.

      Azar has been enjoying Adrian’s money and why shouldn’t she? He left her for dead in Iran and turnabout is fair play. But now she must stay one step ahead of him to complete her mission, topple global economies and bring suffering to the world. ‘Vengeance is mine.’

      The FBI is on her trail doing everything they can to stop her. And the only one who she thought she could trust, her lover Marcello is showing signs of breaking. She has to go it alone with no one to trust but can she get to them before they get to her? 

      If you love thrillers, you will not want to miss this action-packed read. One is the third book in the gripping trilogy, A Path of Deception and Betrayal. Filled with seductive mystery, witty dialogue and riveting tension, the last installment of K.J. McGillick’s super-powered series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore One today.
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