A stolen life. A Faustian bargain. Prey becomes predator.

     Lord Acton, a British historian, wrote:  Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Had he somehow gazed into the future and glimpsed Azar Abed’s arc in life?
Someone’s going to die, that is for certain. But will just one death be enough for Azar Abed or will nothing satisfy her until millions of innocent people are dead? It’s frightening to think of the path that personal revenge can lead a person down. All that plotting and planning that ultimately leads to one goal- the extinguishment of one life.  But what happens when a psychopath with power and money is determined to implode the world’s economy through a bioterrorism attack?  

     Personal revenge gets caught up in a bio-terror plot to crash the world’s economy as darkness spirals into darkness and terror is the order of the day. Azar Abed and Adrien Armond are on a collision course of vigilante justice that could have catastrophic consequences on a global scale. Neither will walk away until the other is dead. No matter what the cost.

     Who will kill who first? Will it be enough? Can anyone stop the bio-terror plot to destroy the world’s economy that is already in motion? Does anyone have enough humanity left even to try?

     Set against a backdrop of Washington, DC, ONE is a heart pounding-psychological thriller pitting greed against greed in a cat-and-mouse game where vengeance is the only prize. It can be read as a standalone, or as the conclusion to events begun in its predecessor, TWO. It concludes the Path of Deception and Betrayal series.