Inviting a stranger into your life can be dangerous. Inviting a stranger into your home can turn deadly.                                        
     Emma is preparing for school one morning when the shocking news comes that Jude’s car has      been found torched and abandoned in another state and he has disappeared.

     As the police investigate, unfathomable words swirl around Emma- ‘someone was murdered in the car,’ ‘the dead woman could be Emma’s twin’ and ‘Jude’s in the wind.’ An undercover FBI agent steps forward to reveal that Emma and Jude have been active targets of an investigation and she is now labeled guilty by association. Jude has left Emma to answer for his crimes.

     Shocked, Emma is confident it all must be a huge misunderstanding, she’s just a normal person. Determined to clear her name she sets off on a frantic quest to uncover what Jude was keeping from her. The answers she finds shocks her to her very core.