Emma has it all—a job she loves and a boyfriend who loves her. Or does she?

When her boyfriend Jude’s car is found burned and abandoned in another state, the police come asking questions. Where is Jude? Why is there a body in the car that looks suspiciously like Emma? What were the two of them involved in?

Emma doesn’t have answers. Instead, she has questions of her own. Who is this man who claimed to love her, and what was going on?

As the police and FBI try to pin responsibility on her, Emma is forced to look for answers on her own. What she finds upends everything she ever believed and leads her down a trail of crime, deceit, and treachery.
Was Jude using her for her expertise? Was this betrayal the plan all along? Did he betray the wrong people? Did it cost him his life? Would it cost hers?

Three is a fast-paced psychological thriller that has been compared to the works of Dan Brown. It can be read as a standalone and serves as the first book in the Path to Deception and Betrayal series.
Inviting a stranger into your life can be dangerous. Inviting a stranger into your home can turn deadly.